Question 2: Extending What We Do

Born Digital: Publishing and Dissemination Platform for the 21st Century trending idea

Idea Description :

Born digital publications are still published by replicating the look and feel of printed books. Both the Gazette and Oxford Magazine are still published as PDFs prepared for print. But virtually nobody consumes them in print. This makes them harder to produce, distribute, read and also makes them less accessible and their production less sustainable.

And there's so much more documentation from across Oxford that is being produced this way. Both researchers and students produce large amounts of material that would be more accessible to more people if they could be available as digitally native publications.

There are two leading open source platforms that make this possible: Booktype and Pressbooks.

This idea proposes the establishment of a University-maintained digital publishing platform using one of these Open Source projects to support innovation in online teaching, research and knowledge dissemination. This would also further support recent efforts to promote reproducible research.

To disseminate good practice, training would be developed in how to integrate collaborative knowledge creation into instruction and how to produce materials using the Book spring methodology.




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