Question 3: Revolutionary Technologies

Domains of Their Own: Preparing Oxford graduates for the future of engaged global identity trending idea

Idea Description :

Now more than ever, understanding and maintaining a digital identity on the web is a crucial skill for students and academics. There are far too many places where people establish their identities without having any control or ownership of the output and presentation.

What's more this platform would help create Oxford graduates more engaged in global conversations in mature ways that go beyond the transient and contentious nature of social networks. It would also create a space for new and innovative pedagogies.

This project would pilot the established idea of Domain of One's Own which would:

• Give every student and academic their own domain

• Provide a platform hosted on WordPress to create a website associated with the domain

• Provide training in both how the domain and the associated website is managed

• Provide complete management of the domain and the possibility to tie it to an email

• Develop pedagogical frameworks to enable both academics and students to engage in open education and open research






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