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Maximising Personalised Learning Outcomes Through Scalability trending idea

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Educators have long been concerned about the lack of personalisation in classrooms which is why technology is so crucial in the delivery of personalised curricula. One of our biggest challenges is maximising the potential of our students as individuals. Many of us teach up to a hundred different learners every day, each with different abilities, learning behaviours and needs. Understanding an individual's learning preferences is difficult enough, but when a lecturer is challenged to do this across a whole classroom, it's near impossible to do without utilising technology. Simply put, technology scales. A machine can track an infinite number of dimensions about you and never gets tired so if you, for example, spend a day practising a skill, the machine is as alert and accurate at the end as it is at the start. Human teachers can't compete with this scale. This theory can be applied to numerous concepts around Data-Informed/Machine Learning and with the use of Artificial Intelligence systems.




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